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May 03, 2005


I hadn't planned on blogging today a friend attacked me for being lazy when it comes to dating. YUP I AM - bored of it that is.

Email began:

Dating does suck.. I agree with you completely or may be I am just your
typical serial dater. Seriously, either you are too picky or just not looking for the right type of men or just looking too hard or attracted to losers or players or looking for perfect. Single or otherwise, life's about
being happy with yourself first which from the look of things you do (at least on the exterior). And personally, you got very little competition amongst your gender when it comes to dating men ! I don't know a single guy who does not like a nice, attractive, funny, outdoorsy, cultured girl.

ME: (big sigh) We all have our own faults – I know mine – and wear them like a scarlet letter. It’s the whole thing of trying to be whom we want others to see us as game. I don’t put myself out there like I should, as a lot of us don't. Sometimes it’s easier to sit at home and read filling my head with useless knowledge than to play Paris Hilton.

We all have our ways of not dealing with dating, why didn’t we talk to the person who was giving us the look from across the bar or the guy in the corner? Instead we are left with the perpetual "“What if”" and "“I wonder".” We shoot ourselves down before anyone else has the opportunity to. It’s a sick and twisted game which is lazier than a man sitting down to pee.

Where are my caffeine pills?


  • At 1:23 PM , Blogger Chevy said...

    bryan sits when he pees. that's all i have to contribute.

  • At 8:29 PM , Blogger jopada said...

    Dating.... Hmmmm. I have a thought to share. We have all been doing this dating thing long enough you would think through trial and error we should have learned something. But we haven't, and you know why? Unlike other creatures on this planet, when we do something and don't get the desired result we just do that same thing over and over again. Or we don't do something new, like go up to that girl/guy that has been staring half the night. Why, because we are scared. Scared of rejection, of doing something out of everybody else’s norm, scared to death of that cute girl/guy. We want the easy way out. We want them to risk it all and conquer their fears and come over to us. It ain't gonna happen. No way, no how. The sad part of all of this is that anyone involved in sale will tell you there are a 100 no for every yes. We have got to get over meeting people who aren't our perfect match. Consider it penance. Our "wrong person" dues must be paid before Ms/Mr. right is found. Most importantly, let’s not make dating such a big event. Come on people, just a 15 min. cup of coffee on a random night is enough to get an idea about chemistry. I’ve got work tomorrow, if we like one another, we’ll do the phone thing until dinner at our earliest convenience.
    Again, this is just a thought.

  • At 6:46 AM , Blogger Irfan said...

    Your friend needs thearpy !!!

  • At 9:26 AM , Blogger Thomas said...

    I wonder how the gals on "Sex and the City" would approach this problem. Let me go find my SATC DVDs and I will get back to you, Jessica.


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