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February 21, 2007

new address

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July 28, 2006



February 15, 2006

pretzel fondue

pretzel fondue
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January 02, 2006


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November 26, 2005

Thanks giving fun with nieces

November 15, 2005

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October 19, 2005

me,Jack, Kristina Astro

me,Jack, Kristina Astro
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me,Jack, Kristina Astro

me,Jack, Kristina Astro
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me,Jack, Kristina Astro

me,Jack, Kristina Astro
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me,Jack, Kristina Astro

me,Jack, Kristina Astro
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me,Jack, Kristina Astro

me,Jack, Kristina Astro
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October 03, 2005


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

What the?

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This weekend was one for the books. There’s been a lot of drama.

Thursday evening I tossed my napkin on the chair and told my coworker,

“I’ve gotta get out of here. This stomach ulcer is killing me.”
“Damn, your leaving me alone? You’re going to miss the boring speeches”
“You’ll miss me. I know.”

I shouldn’t be drinking, with an ulcer and all. I know. It’s like a physician who smokes. But…

Two hours later I pointed to the side of the bar and pointed out a man I had shamefully flirted with while volunteering at the Astrodome.
Erin buckled and said, “It is. The Volunteer Nazi”

I found trouble hiding. Yup. Leave it to my friends to casually meet up for a drink and invite mayhem. My headache Friday morning thanks you very much. However, I did finally find out the Volunteer Nazi’s name. And. We’ll save that for later.

In the mean time, relationships are tough. I make them tougher. Your friends should look out for you. That’s why they are your friends. They should stop you from crossing a busy street type of thing. Sometimes, a friend thinks, in her heart of hearts she’s saving you from danger. From being run over by a MAC truck and.


Perhaps. She is

Like a persistent matador, I’m insistent on learning lessons for myself. Maybe her restraint will be wrong or maybe she’ll be right. Time will tell.

Oh and YEAH ASTROS – here we go again.

And then

And then
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Kristina, Me, Trisha, Marie

Kristina, Me, Trisha, Marie
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August 08, 2005

Polka allowed

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“Maybe that’s all family really is, all the same people dreaming of an imaginary place.” Zach Braff said it in Garden State. I heard the line playing through my head as my father and uncle playfully teased one another over the fact that Money Magazine had rated Moorestown, New Jersey the best place to live and Naperville, Illinois #3 (my uncle lives there) Pissing contest . . . that’s only the beginning.

We’ve all been homesick for a place that doesn’t really exist. It’s a strategy, a strange idea, and our imaginary world. Of starting and ending sentences with prepositions, home baked cookies and home made perogies with real sour cream. Some would cringe at the mention of a reunion. Your knee deep in relatives and questions; deeper than a canyon with no escape.

Blood + Life = FAMILY.

After arriving in Ohio my brother said he would be waiting at the car rental, “You’ll see me when you walk outside I am in a SUV.” I saw him . . . or so I thought. I opened the back hatch, threw my luggage in the back, and climbed in the passenger seat. The man driving smiled and said, “Where are we going?”

My unprotective brother sat watching the entire thing. Ha Ha.

It’s “awesome” to think that we are family knowing we get along like champagne and strawberries. More than friends and deeper than soul – a baritone Barry White gliding through life with hugs and cheers. A family of practical jokers spread out like the Star of David. Boston, New Jersey, P.A., Florida, L.A., Manhattan, San Fran, S.D., Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, and Houston.

I miss them already but don’t miss the questions. I’d make a horrible celebrity.

May 19, 2005


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This is my best friend Ronda, she sent me this stilll shot from an independant film she is currently filming.

OMG Ronda whatever you do "DON'T SAY CANDY MAN, CANDY MAN, CANDY MAN!"

On another random note:


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This is my best friend Ronda, she sent me this stilll shot from an independant film she is currently filming.

OMG Ronda whatever you do "DON'T SAY CANDY MAN, CANDY MAN, CANDY MAN!"

On another random note:

I tried to make an appointment with a vendor today bu apparentlythe IT world is on hold, as Star Wars fans everywhere watch the latest film. There is a group outing to view the movie. If there was ever an opportunity to hack a system or unload a virus it is today.

May 16, 2005

It was only a kiss

Friday: Erin running down the street with new friend Mike singing 2Pac as his friend tells me how much money he makes. I wanted to flog him for his stupidity. It's horrible to be 32, attractive, a good conversationalist then to ruin it all by saying, "I make a lot of money"

Not enough to feed your friends. He ate the flower at Komodo's and popped a button on his retro shirt. Funny at first then questionable

Saturday: I rolled out of bed with a head pounding from the night before, unsure if the culprit was the Bullblasters or Whataburger. I phoned D-Love and told her I was on my way. Fabulous - get here as soon as you can.
Barely 11:00 am and they were drinking. Art cars are a anomaly. Strangely fascinating and funny to watch. A large crew had gathered for prefestivities bloody mary's and sangria, toxicly lethal kamikazes. To the parkway for the parade. Political conversations ensued, "Is he going to lower my fucking taxes?" embarrassed and horrified I ran to cover the 5 year olds ears. Baby Jesus can I deduct 2 minutes of my life?
20 versions of Elvis (pssssttt he's alive), ladies taking baths in tubs with wheels, roller girl, Steve stalked the Playboy Bunny car, Jen and I keeping each other vertical as he motioned for us to come in the car . .. . he had candy (I never learned the stranger and candy equation)

Back at the house to replenish:

His back was to the crowd and hers was to him. She looked at me as we gushed over the avocado dip. Smiling and laughing we noticed the pudgy man in the corner can juggle jello. He became aware of our lurking eyes and tossed us plastic containers. I barely caught mine, she laid her hand out as it swept past her fingertips heading for the floor. He was behind her and caught it. His laughter broke AT us as he handed her the jello and promptly went to get us some well needed water.

His eyes said it all and the way they touched, she never turned around, she knew he was there. Dating a year, yes the man should love the woman just a smidge more.

On to the pool 40 or so of us went. I am a hazard to myself - phi beta stupid moment as I dove in 4 feet of water. The scrape on my chin is horrific. I miss the skin, a drunken travesty I am slathering with Neosporin.

Sunday: Babe, it' 10:21 planes to catch and family to hug. Tierra's and boas for her birthday celebration for my niece. I had drunken baby syndrome. Happy Birthday - a year really does change everything.

May 15, 2005

Table dance

Please update i have moved here
”Sometimes your independent to a fault.” She told me not meaning it as the compliment I took it as. I like to do things on my own and have a problem asking for help. I’m not a soldier wounded in battle who needs others to lean on. I don’t do victim. It’s weak and causes people to look at you as though you need help. HELP! Sometimes it’s a person’s weakness that endears you to them. Once their fixed they aren’'t as likeable. I’m full of dysfunctions and weaknesses. I don’t wear them on my sleeve like a badge of honor. They are the black tape on my arm like a platoon remembering a fallen hero. Dramatic, but not tragic.

We all maneuver our way through the dark looking for the same basic necessities in life. Food, water, clothing, shelter, love and companionship. Each of us unique in our very own way. I love the ME that I am and despise the unglued obsessive needy me I become in relationships. Minutes turn into hours as I try to answer all of the unanswered questions. Wondering when and if he will call or ask to see me. Dashing for my phone after a brief recess when it is not tucked safely in my pocket looking for missed calls. The incessant emails shared between my girlfriends and I hypothesizing his next move. I become unglued and vulnerable. I despise being vulnerable I would rather be single free to be a tourist in my own city than sitting at home waiting and wondering when he’s going to call.

The needy codependent gal is only satiated by him

This is why I will sabotage a relationship. I will flee from a relationship scared of losing the ME and becoming an US faster than the speed of light. You’'ll blink and I’'ll be gone wondering what happened and where things went wrong. At the first hint of rejection I will be lacing up my emotional self ready to sprint away. By the time you notice I am gone I have lapped you twice. It’s a lot easier to wave the white flag and throw a left hook in defense, my weapon of fear.

I really like you
Don’t tell me that
Why? I do
I’ll run, it’s what I do. Show me don’t’ tell me

File under Introspection

May 13, 2005

Dahhhhling /BS

Maybe it’s just me, but the place exploded like an atom sending dust particles of hem and haw. Drinks were poured and sloshed toasting. Like it was a fad going out of style, emphasis on the Daaaahhhhling. Glasses were broken as the free vodka ran out. A virus of knock off Louis Vitton and cheap Prada were the rage. Like I said, maybe it’s just me, but I prefer my sandals and flip flops to Gucci, Prada, or Louis Vitton it’s all so passé and easy. Like Tiffany jewelry. It’s a safe bet when all the chips are down place your money on the highest ranked. Over priced and unimaginative, but safe. The safety school of style – stick with the basics, even if it’s fake. And smile as the girl who’s dating your ex glares at you from across the bar.
I lied – which I rarely do.

“BABY – so good to see you! I saw your name on the evite. Did you see mine and know I was going to be here?”

Tapping my foot and feeling the breeze across my sandals, “Yes, baby I did.”

I lied

I wonder if I am one of those, which I know I am. We all are. Standing there with our oh so pretty friends, oh him, yeah I know him do you? It’s her clothing line, she owns the store down the street. I am friends with the bar owner. I know the rockets players, yeah him, we used to date. Oh yeah – well….

I wonder if we are ever really happy or if we look for the safety school. Sticking with the basics. I don’t like the basics, they are over priced and lack substance. Mom says, “basic is black and boring – anyone can wear black, it takes style to wear color.”
The routine of life as we strap ourselves in with a harness not taking the chance and betting on the lesser known. He may break my heart and I may not get into grad school but it won’t be imitation or lies. It will be all new full of color and tears, free falling baby – that’s what it’s about.

Don't call me Dahhling

May 11, 2005


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Just thought I would say hi.

Skipping Record

Apparently he works on Quarters, calling every 3 months to see if his lossess have made any gains or future investments. Babe, it's like a 401K you forgot to transfer - time to chalk it up as a loss.

A Year Ago - b/c he called today
Children should be told that a good thing in life will not wait forever.
We spend 6 months of our lives waiting in line passing time waiting for things to happen. Standing there unable to move. Blood racing through our veins, cells mutating, heart pounding, growth and reproduction is inevitable.

But there I stood in my sterile world unable to move waiting.

And I stopped reading the strategically placed emails while my cell phone remained silent. So that any live conversations are postponed until “he is READY” to deal with it. Maybe it is not that he does not love or is being selfish, maybe he just exists in every current moment (why I think I should feel little better). Perhaps he is in love with being in love. Like a child who gets a new toy leaving behind the older tattered one. The new one appears shiny. For that moment, he ranks his trip to gym, or a drink with that woman he said was a buddy a higher priority than me.

Marginal utility of everything around him is deemed equal, conveniently, so that in that make believe equilibrium, it is justified for him to not sacrifice one thing over another, me over others.
For each moment I am spending wondering about what we had, between us I am over-drafting my bank of dignity and self respect. All the while putting it in a bottomless bag of love that I was dying to hang on to, scared to lose, unable to leave behind, and ready to share.

But in the world of love by the selfish and the weak-hearted, we will only be truly missed when we are gone, not being there when in demand.

I did not want to stay around for Mr. Preoccupied while I continue acting cool and aloof.

File under memories

May 10, 2005

"“What’s your theme song?”"
“"My what?"”
"“Ya know your theme song, the song that describes you and always picks you up?”"

Blankly, I replied, “"You want to know what my theme song is.”"

I visibly rolled my eyes at her. I couldn’t help it, it was inevitable. A theme song? That’s more cliché than identifying with Alley McBeal or Carrie Bradshaw. She waited, glaring at me as though it was a simple question such as, what’s you favorite color?

“"Okay – perhaps I am asking you the question wrong”. A song that picks you up when you are feeling down.”"
"And… it’s supposed to describe my life and the life I want to believe I am living?”
“"Something like that.”"

Looking at her I knew she was serious and wanted an honest response from me. She was sincere in her question, any response I could give would have been grabbing at cultural straws trying and reaching for the answer she was looking for. I was not aware of this cultural phenomenon where I am supposed to allow a repetitive chorus followed by a few guitar solos to define my life.

“"Come on now I’ve read some of your blog, – you must have a song.”"

I wanted to blurt out and say, “Baby, I am a lot more than my blog and a fucking song.”
Instead I replied, “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

Do most people have a theme song?
After going for my run this evening and realizing the one song I tend to loop on my IPOD is "Express Yourself" by Salt N' Peppa -its a little old but has lots of rhythm

May 09, 2005


It’s the start of spring and I am sick. My body is here attached to the keyboard while my head floats around the office aimlessly. I am pretty sure if I stare out the window long enough I will have an out of body experience flying around Houston checking out all of the construction. I’ll wrap my shirt over my head and do my best Flying Nun impersonation. –weeeee here we go I’m free!

I just touched my cheek, it brought me back to reality. I am no longer doing impersonations. It’s alive –mughhhahaha! Sitting at my desk, my eyes are so tired they are trying to hibernate while the phone keeps ringing and office mate won’t stop yelling. I want the comfort of my couch and my rose colored fleece.

Swallowing feels like a frog is playing ping pong with my uvula. When I talk my eyes droop and my head is hung low. I feel like a cross between yo sammity sam and bugs bunny. What’s up doc? The stuff isn’t working I feel loopy, cartoon like.

I am starting to be able to breathe out of both nostrils again but DQ, my boss, is heading this way and he might start to wonder why I am braiding the carpet and making rubber band balls. It’s the meds boss I swear.

May 04, 2005

Command the Chicken

Not sure if this is freaky or funny

Command the Chicken

May 03, 2005


I hadn't planned on blogging today a friend attacked me for being lazy when it comes to dating. YUP I AM - bored of it that is.

Email began:

Dating does suck.. I agree with you completely or may be I am just your
typical serial dater. Seriously, either you are too picky or just not looking for the right type of men or just looking too hard or attracted to losers or players or looking for perfect. Single or otherwise, life's about
being happy with yourself first which from the look of things you do (at least on the exterior). And personally, you got very little competition amongst your gender when it comes to dating men ! I don't know a single guy who does not like a nice, attractive, funny, outdoorsy, cultured girl.

ME: (big sigh) We all have our own faults – I know mine – and wear them like a scarlet letter. It’s the whole thing of trying to be whom we want others to see us as game. I don’t put myself out there like I should, as a lot of us don't. Sometimes it’s easier to sit at home and read filling my head with useless knowledge than to play Paris Hilton.

We all have our ways of not dealing with dating, why didn’t we talk to the person who was giving us the look from across the bar or the guy in the corner? Instead we are left with the perpetual "“What if”" and "“I wonder".” We shoot ourselves down before anyone else has the opportunity to. It’s a sick and twisted game which is lazier than a man sitting down to pee.

Where are my caffeine pills?

May 02, 2005


Ever have one of those weekends where the whole thing feels like a brand new adventure? Only you are not paired up with one of your good friends for the journey. Every turn you take – you take alone. Instead of being timid or shy of what’s around the corner you charge full force ahead. Directionless – but laughing the entire time. Flashbacks of Goonies ready for the next challenge.

That was my weekend. Except . . .

I disappear on people –
It’s a habit I have always had.
I’m independent to a fault.

Friday started out simple enough going to a friend’s birthday party (Mom if your reading you should stop reading now before you start fearing for my safety). At the party, I ran into a good buddy of mine who was with 3 very good looking guys. Just by looking at them one could tell they were the right kind of wrong but with a Three Stooges personality. Fingers snapped and I was in a cab with them on my way to another bar.

I never said good-bye to the b-day girl

30 minutes later

My phone rings – hey it’s M – I am up the street a bar that just opened next to BW3’s

I can walk there right?

I never said goodbye and walked up the street

The layout was nice, clean wide angled edges with a crisp sharpness to the bar. I quickly found my friends but something was very out of place. My friend was wearing a shirt underneath a shirt. I like the layer look but - it was a tattoo shirt, the bottom shirt is supposed to make it look like you have tattoos on your arms (M – if your reading this – you’ll never live it down, your still a bad ass – minus the tattoos.)

After a good hour there I was outside making new friends when the birthday girl called. Feeling like a child who ran away from home, I hailed a cab and jetted back to the original bar.

I never said good-bye to M.

It’s dangerous to disappear. On the nights I perform my vanishing act I will wake up the next day to numerous miscalls and J – WTF – WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? Those that know me are accustomed to the tried and true ritual of me disappearing into thin air. I don’t do anything I shouldn’t do, I don’t go home with strange men and I’d like to think I could drop kick someone’s ass if they tried to hurt me,
(like to think).

April 28, 2005


“You want to drink a red? Are you sure? You’ve been drinking Sauvignon lately. . . ? “

“Yes Pinot Please.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

I looked at him wondering why he was dissecting my simple response as to what type of wine I want to drink with dinner. Does he not think I know what I want? Can he see me the sweat accumulating on my palms? Do I really want to be here at dinner with him or with someone who can read my mind knowing I want red tonight. Now he’s got me questioning myself.

"Yes Pinot."

Do I know what I want? A simple question red or white. The taste of red and white and the way they swirl around the glass meshing with my entrée are as different as night and day. As are all the men I have dated.

My reds are strong clean men that are stable. They are the man’s man opting to go watch football or chop down a tree instead of attending Rea’s art opening with me. The reds are my challenges; they know how to handle my brassy edges. They go to work and breakdown corporate execs looking for their faults rationalizing how to win the deal. These are the GQ’s I have dated. Centered and self assured always sticking to the TO DO LIST and freaking out if you sidestep. They are stable and predictable.

If you pick a cabernet vine to early or late it will ruin the wine turning it into a marinade for cheap meat.

The whites are crisp, clean, adventurous, and aloof. The artists and marketers of my world painting me the big picture on canvas. Surprises of butterflies and honey suckles’ left on my door step with out a cause. Everyday is a new adventure and fun. Running around the city palm to palm vacationing everyday. They lack the serious side. But allow me/us to dream we can live on pennies and pickles sight seeing every day. Just writing that makes me want to be Paris Hilton. They lack a planning ability, it’s frustrating and occasionally down right rude. That’s the thing with white wine, put in the back of the fridge for weeks, months, years, when you’re ready to use it ‘LETS GO!’

In the weekend warrior world of bar hopping I am on the prowl searching. We are all searching for what? It’s a personal question weather you are looking for booty, friends, relationships, or to forget your problems. We search for the happy ending even if it is fleeting the moment it begins. We have to believe it’s out there. I know it exists and I used to think I knew what I wanted until this guy questioned my judgment. And now, I am still a little tipsy from the Pinot. It’s to late for laundry, for pie, for the bubble bath I have been longing, for saving a lost friendship I worry is doomed, for fixing my mis-citations, for drunk dialing my Mom and Dad . . . again, perhaps one more glass of wine. A meritage perhaps.

After rereading my entry seems a blush would be in order for the blend I am looking for. A dusted off bottle of red zin.

April 26, 2005

They stood in a perfect line mimicking every move I made. Their hats were pushed to the left with a sideways slant representing the slightest bit of style. I could tell it was going to be one of those days they color outside of the lines with a purpose.

"Very good now loosen up your shoulders and put a little bounce in your knees. You've got it. Now let's start from the chorus - 1....2....3"

"If yah status ain't hood
I ain't checkin for yah
Betta be street if he lookin at me
I need a soldier!"

She walked into the room trying not to smile barely brushing my shoulder.

"Thank-you for teaching my kids hip hop. Kids get your shoes and say good-bye to Aunt Jess. We need to be on time for preschool."

April 25, 2005

Tool Gal

Because it's raining outside and I don't feel like draggin my booty to the gym - it's Monday - gimme a break! This is one of those nights where the single life is helping me improve my tough girl skills. I borrowed a drill from the maintenance guys at my apartment complex to hang shelves. Figuring out how to change the drill bit was like looking for the last piece of the puzzle. I did it! Then came the hard part - making two dots in a straight line to hang the shelf. I gingerly picked up the drill and gripped it tightly. I stared at the wall admiring it's smooth surface, I was about to disfigure the wall. It will never again be the same, sure they can respackle it, but the scar will remain. My eyes narrowed, I zoned in (the wall didn't make a move)
BAM!!! I drilled it Baby!

On another note - I bought an IPOD Mini this past weekend I have lost it 3x already. It's smaller than a finger in chili

A straight man singing a gay man’s verse – belting at the top of his lungs as he changes the lyrics Old School style. “I fuckin really need you tonight – total eclipse of my *&^%” I laughed and took a shot – acting out the scene with Ronda. The man in the corner did not move, the other would not stop watching her. Breaking away from the scene he walked up to me and said, “So who do you know here?”

“Ronda – she’s my best friend”

Shot down! A total ECLIPSE … he walked away. Then grabbed me by the arm to dance with him,”Sorry buddy – I am not comfortable with this.” You truly can’t hit on a girls best friend or any of their friends. I don’t care if your not dating, an ex, or you had sex just once. It’s not to be done. .

Several years ago I was out with a friend and her favorite ex boyfriend. She said to me, “Joe’s going to hit on you – he already told me he thinks you’re hot, and he has a thing for red heads. It’s okay you can date him.”

“And you’d be okay with that?”

“Yes, he’s a great guy”

“You might be okay with that but I am not okay with that”

In the code of friendship would you pass around an ex like hot potato? I have him, now it’s your turn – the music turns off and there you are busted ruled out of the game. I have lost friends for this – well it was a similar selfish act. Men are territorial and so are women.

Dating a friend's ex or dating an ex’s friend is just morally incorrect. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and to go down that road is just selfish and disrespectful. Sure, my girlfriends have dated some good-looking guys with great qualities, but I wouldn't even consider a relationship with them because of the simple fact that they have a history with a friend. If anyone does that to a friend, then they aren't a real friend at all. There's just no excuse for it.

April 23, 2005

The weekend got a jump start as I was walking through my parking garage I noticed a rather tall and cute guy unloading cases of red bull. I had to comment.
"Your either studying for law school and staying up for weeks or having a party"
He smiled, "Neither, I work for red bull I get these all the time"
Oh- my humor evaporated into embarassment. I walked faster towards my apartment as he said
"regular or sugar free?" I looked over my shoulder at him and coyly replied,
" Sugar free, hi I'm Jess - I just moved in".

The nigh

April 22, 2005


If you have not heard all of the smart assed jokes about South Carolina being ridiculed for being down right backwards, crawl out of the cave you’re living in.

Because it is.
It’s beautiful in various parts of the state. I love
Charleston, S.C. and want to retire there with my YaYa’s. Southern Hospitality truely exists (I still say mam and sir a lot). There are a lot of progressive thinkers who believe in equal rights for everyone but it's not stressed that they are from S.C. The easiest and most P.C. way to sum up the other parts of the state is I will never ride my bike out of fear some redneck will run me off the road in his pick up just to prove a point. In college I wrote a paper concerning the removal of the confederate flag from the State building. The year was 1997 people! Yes – 1997 –can you believe it stayed flying high above the capital of South Carolina for that long? The South will rise again and Texas will secede – not likely. I’ll be the first one to call BULL SHIT.

And now Tiffy has just informed me of the following.

“Here goes...two laws were up for change from misdemeanors to felonies. One was cock fighting the other criminal domestic violence. Well, it's now a felony charge to cock fight in SC but you can still beat your wife with a slap on the wrist. Look up Rep. Altman who was on air when he called the journalist stupid and dimwitted when asked about the reason for cocks before chicks.”

April 20, 2005

Pardon my dust

I have not been posting much, hell even I am bored after rereading my last few posts. My birthday celebrations and my kid sisters b-day took up a good bit of time (this is my excuse).

I will soon unveil a new mask to hide behind. I acknowledge I am not fully hidden from you like the time Sarah walked up and said, "So I have to ask you something - are you . . . ?"

Me: "Yes, it's me - I think your a great writer"

Sarah: "I read your blog everyday"

We stood there and smiled at one another - flattered and exposed.

soon to be


Remember when you were in elementary school and the teacher would pick you to help on a special project? That project usually included cutting, stapling, running copies, taking things down the hall, etc. At the time your young naive mind did not realize it was child labor. You thought you were special because you were picked to "help".

As an adult - your not special - your a tool! After arriving at the office half an hour early this morning to finish up some paper work my boss saunters in and says, "Hey - how'd you like to help your boss out?" This wasn't really a question, he had pieced together his request as a proverbial favor.
I looked up at him thinking, okay I will stop making you and the company money and "help ",

I replied, "Only if I get mucho brownie points."

DQ: "But of course"

April 19, 2005


Once again it’s the start of the week and I am having focusing problems – I looked around my apartment this morning taking a stock of the weekends various events. An over turned wine glass in the sink, a half read novel with the pages bent down, a beach towel, happy birthday cards, flowers, my gym clothes, a Playboy magazine someone left at my house (note to self don’t discuss articles with new neighbors in PB), and a mind that does not know which way to go with a friendship.
How does one address a friend whom has lied to you? You know they have lied - you caught them fair and square they walked into the corner and can't find a way out. In my ever so subtle manner I expressed my disgust and hurt. After asking her why she out right lied, I want to believe her story I dubbed "The Drunken Curse." It was a a lie – a detail she forgot she told me, that’s the problem with lies; you forget who you said what to.

I have the propensity to walk away from drama; I don’t want to be involved. It’s to much to handle the crap of he said she said and you were my friend first BS. If I wanted drama I would watch the soaps. Have you ever pondered the irony of soap operas containing the word soap? Soap cleanses one to get rid of grime and dirt. Ironically, on soap operas everyone cheats lies, and steals - the whole show is scandalous. Perhaps they are always reaching fro the soap? Just a thought.

Monday morning - apology accepted.

Patiently waiting

April 18, 2005

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Kicking off with a $300.00 shopping splurge at Target of all places. woo hoo - whoa now am really going borderline crazy.

Saturday night Booger - my kid sister - came down with hubby in tow for a night out on the town. Thank-you so much to all my friends who ensured she had a great time. This was a birthday, hiccup, that I am sure she will never forget.

April 14, 2005

I thought you all forgot - I felt like the kid who couldn't play kick ball because the teams were uneven. Depressed and self-involved it was awful. In my natural escapism fashion I laced up my shoes and went for a run. After all - the next day was a Tuesday - who goes out on a Tuesday?

Not expecting anymore than a few happy emails and elated phone calls I woke up with the sun peaking through my blinds telling me it was time to hit the gym. A bird was squawking outside my window, it's better than a rooster was all I could think. Screw the gym - I walked to Starbucks. Upon my return - you all remembered and had contacted me by 9:00 am.

The rest of the day was awesome -from the time I got to the office till I laid my head down at 2:00am. I can't forget Lindsey singing Flashdance and the whole bar singing to me. ( my face flushed and matched the color of my hair).


April 12, 2005

Shameless - Happy 28th

I don't eat meat, chicken, beef or seafood. ...None at all.
I laugh when I am sad, and cry when I am hurt.
I get very giggly when I am tired.
When you tell me a secret and tell me not to tell anyone I won’t.
I get lost in multi-club venues...and can't remember where my tab is.
I love wine not whining

My idea of a Sunday is going for a run, reading the paper or a book, catching a game, or brunching with friends
I don't date midgets.
I can't manage drunkenness and stairs

I fall down a lot. (when I am drinking)
I love lounge gymnastics too much (have been known to do cartwheels in the hall)

I'm so scatter brained that I will have to go out and buy a duplicate item of something I just bought and lost two days ago.
If I am reading or writing, I will totally block you out if you try to talk to me.
I love playing practical jokes, and hate having them played on me

I am extremely blunt and have a tendency to open my mouth and speak my mind no matter how hard I try to control myself.
I drink like a fish and curse like a sailor, but I don't know if this is a minus or a plus.

I don't play dumb, ever.
I am lousy at forgiving myself.

I'm a huge sports nut. I'll talk about them with any one, even if you have no clue what I'm talking about.
I'm very indecisive, no I ‘m not, yes I am.
I get bored easily and become antsy

I have a very flirtatious nature.

I tend to talk very loud and lack a volume control

Just when you think you've got me fixed, I throw another dysfunction at you to begin the process all over again.

I have a low tolerance for dishonesty. I say it like it is and hold nothing back. I expect the same out of anyone I associate with. An omission is a lie in my book.

Yes my hair is naturally red and no you can’t make me prove it.

Ethan Hawke walked in on me in the bathroom when I was 6 yrs. Old.

I will never again have a roommate

I will never live with someone, again – until I am married.

I have a tough girl attitude but am a real softie.

I’m pro adoption and pro choice.

I would make a good mom someday, but will settle for making an awesome aunt.

I’m not a jealous person.

If you’re going to hold my hand – HOLD IT.

My favorite time of the day is dusk.

I talk to my Mom everyday

I don’t care about a guy’s car and watch. Treat me right

I look in the mirror when I am driving

I can drive with my knees

I love a warm towel

I call people Babe and Dude – A LOT!

I love LOVE

My favorite move is The Princess Bride

I ask people if they want my cat, but could never part with her.

I miss my best friend from high school.

I was 48th in the nation for cycling in 2002

I have scars from road rash from falling off my bike at 30 mph.

I have run 2 marathons

I have bad knees

I can crack my back on demand

I heart John Cusack and Zach Braff

I’ve never cheated, but have been cheated on.

I believe in Karma

I can still do the Splits.

I know right from wrong – it’s a choice we all make.

I don’t believe in friends of convenience.
I have lived more places then people twice my age.
I have amazing parents.
When people say, "you know how siblings are" like it's a statement - no I don't. Their my best friends.
When I was 5 I was in a Annie Look A Like contest and was runner up.
I think runner up is a strange term.

I still want to be a doctor, a lawyer, and Wonder Woman.

April 11, 2005

When I was younger and acted up, Mom and Dad would threaten me.
They said, “If you don’t behave – you can’t watch TV. for a week!”This was terror to the ears of a child, I would cringe and shape up immediately. I will do anything, but please – don’t take my television viewing pleasures away. The idea of being deprived of watching 90210, Saved By The Bell, Three’s Company, and many others -- even for one week -- threw me into fits of strife that to say I was difficult is an understatement. . My parents were accustomed to me being difficult – without hesitation -they would yank the cord.

After college, I never made an effort to purchase a new television. I resigned myself to late nights with friends, reading books, talking on the phone, and surfing the web for hours on end. The television is my peripheral nonessential form of entertainment. It’s there for news in the mornings with The Today Show and a guilty dose of Reality T.V. That’s it.

If someone were to disconnect my wireless router or hide my Blackberry I may well become an uber- bitch Medusa style. If I really want to find something out or understand a situation I’ll fill my head with useless information that I have Googled.

And now, this weekend I have committed my self to purchase a TV. Part of my decision is for ascetic purposes. I have the perfect place in my apartment for it. Buy once - buy well – make it HD with a good sound system.

April 07, 2005

Phase 2

There are the guys who get your pulse going a little, but these are invariably the emotionally unavailable guys. Melancholy Hipster Boy, for example, who send you lots of friendly emails and text messages. He makes it obvious that he wants to hang out with you but then when you do hoof it over to his apartment at 9 pm for pecan pie (when you really should be in bed so you can get up at a ridiculous time to go work out), he spends the whole time talking about himself. Like “Helloooo! I am here! Do you notice me?” Did I bring the fermion's?

It is just discouraging sometimes, people. And I don’t have time for it. Between trying to become a super star sales diva, a rock star, an Aunt, a sister, a friend, and not to mention holding down a full-time job, I don't have much patience for this stuff anymore.

On a side note, I have been able to go to some good ball games this week. Still a little miffed about buying my boss tickets to the Stro's game then he's like," Hey can you see me up there? I'm in the club."


April 05, 2005

Taking Chances

He leaned in for a kiss in the middle of the game. The GAME - I came over to hang out and watch the game. I was knocked off balance and asked, "What are you doing - don't be silly . . . I can’t see the TV.”
He said, but we kissed before.” I stared him down while thinking of a million ways to let him down easy - yeah we kissed it was a peck kiss, that’s all. Nothing more nothing less. I kissed him the same way I kiss would kiss my grandpa. A simple peck on the forehead with a heart felt see you soon. He froze, unsure of what just happened. "Yes we did," I started to stammer, not the Hugh Grant adorable way of stammering, more like Gilbert Godfrey. How do I explain he was in the friend zone? Once I’ve decided you’re in the friend zone. There is no escaping. "Don't be silly, we are neighbors - let’s keep it at that"
We sat there for a few awkward moments. As usual, I made some comment that was a hell of a lot funnier in my head. He glanced over at me still unsure of how to act, told me I was a dork and laughed. Mean while I silently prayed his suave attempt to achieve player status had been thwarted. As I left his apartment to go home he said, "I have a lot of friends I'm not looking for anymore." I blurted out, "Then I guess we can't be friends." He threw the white flag in the air and said, "Let's talk later"
I recall all the Harry Met Sally conversations I have shared with my friends and buddies as to weather or not men and women can be friends. It's an age old question. There are several types of male friends. One being the buddy, the guy who initially notices your womanly curves and thinks you’re cute. At the start of the friendship he angled a few lines to see if you would bite. Unknowingly you turned him down; you didn't even see the bait dangling. He would jump up and down yelling, "Hello do you like me?" You failed to recognize the clues. If you did see the clues, you cast them aside saying to yourself, “I don’t like your bait – I want the one on the upper west side who knows his way around the
Loop.” This fish has joined the school of minnows. As Toby says, he’s a “Stripey”. After he acknowledged your lack of attraction, once again he felt the pain of rejection. He brushed his shoulders off and became the guy you call for dating advice. He loves you, respects you, and wants the best for you. Now he’s one of your best buds. This is what I encountered last night.

In rare circumstances after years of being “just friends" SOMETHING changes. The dynamics of the relationship shift. A cold front, turning 30 or 40, changing cologne, to many glasses of cheap merlot, whatever -you begin to see this person for whom they truly are, your best friend and lover. That's what we all want isn't it? But if the attraction isn't there: no promise of tomorrow can exist. Wouldn't that be great if we could buy attraction? Purchase it from a street vendor the same way we buy soft pretzels. Mmm nice and doughy, the perfect combination of salt and substance. Spray fermions over the ones we wish we were attracted to or were attracted to us? Instead it's like trying to grab a prize with a crane. You see the one you want; the coloring is appealing, right size and shape. The geometrics and positioning of the beast look attainable and … you take a chance. You have to!

April 04, 2005

Me: "Carlin, how are you?"
Her: "We're fine - and you?"

She is now plural - there is no more I in her life of motherhood. She's still the independent brassy gal I adore - almost done with the PHD program at UPENN - 2 beautiful kids and a husband. It's hard not living close to you and seeing your kids and hubby. On days like today I can't help but think, I want to talk to my older sister. I want her to grab my hand and jump into a time machine. Can we have a snow day today? Even though it's April, I want a snow day. Or I want to be sent home because the snow is piling up outside.
Remember how we would leap off the bus careful not to drop our precious art project that was worth a hundred million dollars? Once inside we would rush to see who could get dressed in their snow outfits first. You’d put on those fluffy pink earmuffs Mom bought at Woolworths. Hurry - we only have 3 more hours of daylight. After an hour outside Mom would call us in to eat grilled cheese triangles and tomato soup. You'd laugh at me as my soup would spill down the front of my turtleneck. Hurry you'd say, we need to finish our fort. We'd dash back outside with our straps flailing behind to find our brothers had come home and once again were playing king of the snow fort. They killed our masterpiece. A fun filled snow ball fight would soon ensue which neighborhood kids always flocked to. They came to US. It was one of the many joys of being a member of a large family. I always had friends around. I miss those friends terribly on days like this.

crazy straws in chocolate milk, blowing bubbles in your milk, grilled cheese triangles dipped into tomato soup. Card games. Jacks. Watching The Goonies. Smocks and easels with finger painting. Snack time. Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club, He-Man, Thunder Cats, Sesame Street, Piglet, Snorkels, making pottery in art class, recess, behaving during the length of the school day so your teacher would allow you to have an extra 15 minutes at recess, Fraggle Rock, Kids Incorporated, Mr. Rogers always freaked us out, Capatin Kangaroo, we thought Kirk Cameron was heart throb, Rick Schroder will always be Ricky, Lost Boys, The Coreys', Dangly earings, Charm Bracelets, Chucks a.k.a Converse, cinch cuffed jeans, bangs.

Would you actually use a time machine?

April 03, 2005

Is it something in the air?

A Polish Blessing- May your heart be as patient as the earth. Your love as warm as harvest gold. May your days be full, as the city is full Your nights as joyful as dancers. May your arms be as welcoming as home. May your faith be as enduring as God's love. Your spirit as valiant as your heritage. May your hand be as sure as a friend. Your dreams as hopeful as a child. May your soul be as brave as your people. AND MAY YOU BE BLESSED.

Everything is changing, people are moving on rapidly. In the past 6 months THREE of my dear friends have lost a parent. And now, as a true failthful Catholic - we are all orphans. I cry and sob, the heart aching wail that is terror to the ears. You know this feeling, you feel your vocal chords echo and vibrate with out a peep, just a wail. Pope John Paul II touched thousands of lives through blessing, love, and compassion. He brought religions together being the first Pope to EVER enter a Mosque. He acknowledged there is a God and showed respect to other religions. Perhaps - just perhaps - he made it easier for my Grandma to understand my sister marrying a Muslim. They were married in a Church by a Priest and a Shake - a tag team ceremony if you will. Once again, I digress. He was also the first Priest to EVER enter into a synagogue. Many of his appearances were political, and why shouldn't they be? He is at the top of the food chain, CEO, President, THE BIG CHEESE of the Catholic Church. He began talks with Syria, visited Cuba, Russia, and has been a key player in bringing an end to communism world wide.

The Pope held fast to the belief of not allowing women to become Priests. He has been accused of not keeping up with modern thinking by such action. I agree with the Pope, I consider myself a progressive traditionalist. One mother - one father together forever. Not everyone has such a luxury as the nuclear family is no longer the norm. The days of women vacuuming wearing pearls are over (did that actually happen?). However, when roots are deep buried under pounds of sod, water, and earth it is necessary to stand stand strong.

PJP - you are loved and missed

April 01, 2005

Guess what?

Only because I know you read this Big Brother. Mom said you think I am ready to settle down. Ahem - my question is, with who? I mean Joe is cool and all but she's a cat.

Tomorrow I move out. Another chapter of my life closed. Just a few days ago Blondie did some pretty rotten things to me. She hacked several of my online accounts and sent emails from my accounts. My initial reaction was to take her out and show her how we handle things in Jersey.
Sadly enough I have this strong powerful thing called a conscious. She wants a reaction from me; she does not deserve that type of satisfaction. God and Karma will kick her ass a lot harder than I ever could.

Funny enough I am some what sad as it wasn't always like this. We used to laugh until our sides ached, sending nonstop emails and text messages all day long. If one of us were out and had our bed sheets in the wash - we would finish the wash and make the bed. We were thoughtful and considerate. I came around the blind curve and saw the first signs Sept. 11th when we met Bobby and Brian. Instead of turning her in, I made her wrong right - correcting her mistake and believing it WAS a momentary lapse in judgment. One should not look back and agonize over the situation. Over the years I have had to say goodbye to friends for various reasons. I enjoyed the good times we had and regret the way the story played out.

It’s back to me and Joe , the crazy attack cat.

March 28, 2005

Have you ever

Have you ever got that sinking feeling. Like you found a whole in the hardwood floor and are stuck between the first and second floor. Shelley Long and Tom Hanks in The Money Pit. You are oh - so - vulnerable and can't do anything about it. There you are slaving away workin for da man, sitting at your desk with a mountain of work and a list of people to call back. Your phone is ringing, engineers are coming in your office asking questions about your accounts. Stage left your boss walks in looking past everything else and tells you to write a SOF and drive 2 hours to visit a client. 3 minutes later your best friend calls you crying. It's all to much.

I get to walk away at 5:00 p.m. - Lately it's been more like 6 or 7:00 which is fine as the end is near. The time where I get back from the gym, grab my book, turn off my phone, and lay on my bed - it's quiet. There is nothing. Almost done with old Blondie, soon no one. No one there to bother me, no one there calling my name asking me to come and chase the monsters away. No one there yelling because their brother or sister is hitting them. Silence. Alone. Nothing. Yes it's lonely. But comfortable.

Yesterday after gorging ourselves on wine and Easter dinner we sat at the table discussing the Shivo case, kids birthdays, holidays, kids, kids, and kids. I was the only single one there. The others were family and close personal friends whom discussed times when they had reached the end. The kids were crying, yelling, screaming, they had been acting up for weeks and there was no end in sight. At these times, they look at their children thinking how something with such a wretched temper could come from me. Day dreams of late night clubbing and vacations in Tahiti dance in their mind. Suddenly two of the boys run inside out of breath from playing PIG and give their mom a big hug. All is forgotten as the love spreads throughout the room. Later that night, they pack their belongings, say goodbye and head home together.

So here I sit, in peace and quiet, my own private Idaho - not really. Where is that crazy cat, Joe? Joe - Joe? Hey baby, it's 11:11 did you make a wish?

In Peace

She's with the Angels now smiling down on Jason and Keri --

March 25, 2005

On my way home yesterday a homeless man was holding a sign that said, "Homeless Republican” I laughed. The base of the Republican Party is personal accountability and govt. hands off. The Republican Party platform would leave me to believe, if one is homeless they should try- try - and try again to get a job and not beg for money. A true Right Winged Conservative would never give the "Homeless Republican" hand outs. However, a wave of change has washed over the Republican Party as "compassionate conservatives" emerge. President Bush defines this term as, “It is compassionate to actively help our fellow citizens in need. It is conservative to insist on responsibility and results."

I am registered as an Independent but lean Republican. I gave the guy two bucks.

March 24, 2005


This girl's gotta lean to clean up her mouth...and keyboard, I guess.

Apparently, profanity counts as "spamlike" material. Our spam filter keeps censoring my outgoing emails. I already know I need to filter my mouth , especially after a couple of cocktails.

I've handled one of four man-options. An ex issue is being born, and I'll need to deal with -that- over the weekend for sure.

Why can't I own more than one "pair of shoes?" I am fully able to maintain them with loyalty, interest and respect. At least I think I could. If only they could coexist!

Sigh. I just hate having to choose.

March 23, 2005

Barry Bonds is the King of Cliché’s

Short and sweet b/c I don’t really have time to blog today, as you can tell. I don’t feel any pity for Barry Bonds at all. He has just returned from having surgery on his knees. Yeah – smart move buddy – let’s wait until right before the season openers to have surgery and you just HAPPEN to be in the middle of a steroid controversy. He said to the media while leaning on his crutch, “Make sure you get a picture of my son so you can see how much you (the media) have hurt my family.” Where is this kid’s agent? Surely child labor laws of some applet court have addressed this issue previously. Bonds said he is drained and is trying to make us believe he is a dedicated family man and states, “I am tired of my kids crying.” Then why is he using them for his better gain? Heck even Jack-o has the sense to drape sheets over his kids or make them wear funny masks. Were you trying to prove that your testicles hadn’t shrunk b/c of the steroids and you were fertile? Okay – we get it – just leave the kids out of it.

March 22, 2005

Note To Self


Apparently I am a Lepar

Some people don’t understand it; others envy it, and some just scoff and think I am foolish. So be it – the world will continue to revolve and stay balanced on its axis.

My office mates have gone out to lunch with out me a few times. Granted the days they have done this I have been running around the office on the phone, sending emails, blogging, etc. giving them that look like I am in the tryouts for the office Olympics award of the year. Upon their return, I have to give them a hard time and pretend I am hurt for mere amusement. We volley back and forth with sarcastic remarks but the conversation always ends in, “You’re a Vegetarian.”

I am different – I don’t have a disease. I haven’t ate meat since I was 6 years old. I am not a member of PETA and could care less if the guy I am with wants to have a steak for dinner. I’ll slice the steak and pick out the one with the best marbling. When people find out I am a vegetarian they gasp like I have just told them I cleaned out my closet and found Bin Laden. What is this world coming to – a vegetarian in Texas?

Do Indians say Holy Cow as an expression?

March 20, 2005

Closer to Sanity

It's almost official - the countdown has begun. I am edging closer to sanity as my days with old blondie are almost over. Move out day is April 2nd - YIPEEE!!!!

March 17, 2005

Sharing a memory

He stood there on the plywood floor scanning the crowd, amused by the colors and pulsating enthusiasm of the crowd. He let the spectacle carry on a minute to long, knowing he would be reprimanded and called into the back office. The whistle blew, then the horn. Time to make his move, his palms sweat as he felt the flex of the gun in his hands searching for his target. Then, he found his victims. They were sitting together, distracted and disillusioned by their surroundings. The children were bouncing up and down staring starry eyed at the cotton candy trey. Mom was staring off in space planning her next hair style while Dad casually committed to memory the fetching brunette walking past them. He shifted his vehicle into gear and felt the electromotive force beneath him as he lunged toward his target. He closed in on them, gripped the gun, and pulled the trigger. He shot them. They were under a COB of silly string. He stood there with the perma grin on his mask emptying all the string in the gun. The children burst out laughing while Mom and Dad caught each others eyes. After the gun was emptied, he chuckled to himself then rode away. Dad took the string and wrapped it around his daughters head while she threw it on her little brother. Mom was busy watching the scene and committing it to memory while trying to clean her Brooks Brothers shirt. After the laughter and humor of the situation dyed down. Mom and Dad looked at each other stretching across the children and kissed.
I witnessed Clutch (Rockets mascot) create the scene last night at the Rockets Game (WE WON). I was a minimum of 50 ft. from the family and shared this memory with them. I have no doubt they will remember this for the rest of their lives. They have no idea, I shared it with them. I feel a little guilty for prying, almost like reading someone's blog. But we put it out there for conversations sake. To share memories, to remember the pivotal times in our lives and the inconsequential ones.
I have a memory from a basketball game when I was just a kid attending a Harlem Globetrotters game. Curly picked me - ME - out of the crowd and twirled a basketball on my finger. I remember it, so do my mom and dad.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

March 16, 2005

As the afternoon drags on, a more existential type of angst will set in. Good Lord, was I put on this earth to be a corporate wage slave? Run around from place to place getting worn out doctors to sign on the dotted line. I'll probably die in a plane crash before I get to climb a mountain, sky dive, become a mother, or a wife - what order is that supposed to happen in? Maybe I will catch a horrible disease. Hell, the horrible disease has probably already lodged itself in my body. The Bird Flu! I caught it from the guy who snuggled to close to me in the elevator. What were those white spots on his shirt?
Clearly, I am destined to die before finding true, lasting, meaningful love. Is it possible I could at least have lasting, meaningful sex before I die?

That's Just TodayLast night, I was on top of the world. I thought to myself: I'm exactly the person I wanted to be when I was growing up. I am a sexy, single girl with a Sex and the City lifestyle (minus all the shoes, llingerie, and money. But, I do have girlfriends who have time to brunch with me).

March 15, 2005

I don't want to be a Drama Mamma

He called I was on a sugar high and answered the phone . OUCH - this hurts I can't breathe, I can't even speak I feel like I stubbed my toe. Make that all of my toes. The air has left my lungs and my stomach feels like I have reached the bottom of a volcano not knowing how to escape. I'm stuck, it's cold and I can't move or talk.

He said: "Hello - can you here me? What if I stay?"
Me: "Um," slowly the words crawl out of my mouth like a worm trying to work it's way up from the dirt - either way - it's still a worm with dirt on it. (eeeewww) "That's nice, I am glad you have made a positive decision and can move forward. Houston is a great city.
Him: "Would you like to have coffee sometime?"
Me: "You don't drink coffee and I gave it up for Lent, perhaps in a few weeks." By this time I just want to get off the phone and finish by saying, "Work is crazy right now, my boss has me working harder than an ugly stripper. Can I give you a call after things settle down?"
Him: There's a pause, he knows I won't call him, "Okay, and it's good to hear from you"
Me: "You too, take care."

After I hang up the phone, I am okay. I breathe a sigh of relief then laugh at what a complete dork I am. An UGLY STRIPPER - From now on no mixing cabbage patch kids with good and plenty's. That snack sounds like something Michael Jackson would have at Never Never Land -now I've done it

Do you remember when you were a kid and did something bad? Like talk during class? The teacher would make you write 500x "I will not talk in class"? I still talk in class and crack jokes to those sitting next to me in meetings, but I feel as though I should write 500x I will not talk about "him" anymore. It's done - but strangely it still amuses me. This is when I suddenly realize that I have moved on. Can you see the sky opening up and hear the cheesy symphony music is playing in the background?

March 13, 2005

Rusty China Doll

Random things are on my mind this morning. I can't seem to focus on anything. I just got back in from a long run - it's absolutely gorgeous weather. My buddy Chris was out on his motorcycle cruising around in River Oaks and almost hit me. May I add that he did not have a helmet on either - double wammy - is that how you spell wammy or is it wamme? Crud some people reading this might now even know what a wamme is. Crazy monkey - I have a thing for monkey's and midgets - I know it's weird and strange - perhaps I shouldn't type that. I went on an appointment last week to a 4 physician practice - the waiting room was full and they had a NOW SERVING sign. The type of big digital sign you see at the deli (if I went to a deli). I can't stop thinking about how impersonal that is. Churn and burn - I almost wanted to walk away from the deal but truth be told the head doctor was really cute and single - I digress ... again.

What's really on my mind is Friday night Shad (broke my heart) sends me a text message and asks, "If you were a hot dog and were really hungry would you eat yourself"
I replied, "If I was a gay man yes, If you count a dog's tail as a leg - how many legs does the dog have?" It went back and forth like this for a while and then he tells me he is not moving and is going to embrace Houston. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am okay with this, but of course I was already drinking martini's at a neighbors. Then home to get ready to meet up with a bunch of pals. I handled the situation like a mature adult (sarcasm) and got drunk . . . to make the night even stranger - I ran into the guy I was on a date with several months ago who kissed my best friend during the course of the date. He had the gall to say, "I really liked you, I was drunk - can I call you?" I laughed.

I have to go get ready to go to my nieces b-day party - Happy birthday Megan (Nutmeg)!