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May 04, 2005

Command the Chicken

Not sure if this is freaky or funny

Command the Chicken


  • At 10:54 PM , Blogger jopada said...

    Hey, I realize I don't know you and you would say "dito" right back at me, but I ant you to write a screenplay with me. Now this is not some bizzare pick-up scam or anything quite that creative. There are valid reasons why I hope you might be interested although time seems to be an issue for you. A. You are beautiful. This might seem like a conflict with my previous "not picking you up" statement, but hear me out. Having an attractive co-writer helps my ADD personality stay interested in the project.
    B. You are witty, inteligent, and a good writer. I've read your blogs, enough said.
    I'm sure you might want to know something about my idea for a storyline and I also believe you are extremely trust worthy so i'll share it with you. please don't share it with anybody else.
    It's called "Interesting People"
    It'a about an average working guy who is going nuts over the average little world he has created around him. So he decides to go out of his normal routines and start collecting interesting people as friends and slowly forms a new circle. The characters unique reactions and coping stradigies to daily life helps our average joe go through a metamophisis and discover a new perception of this world.
    This is very rough but coincider it's 12:48 am and i gotta be up in 4 hours. It just came to me as I was trying to go back to sleep after my cat thought my face would make a good pillow. I actually thought of 2 good suporting characters. One is a guy who holds his breath until he passes out to get to sleep at night. The other is this Ave J's new girl friend who, when being pushed into giving him a kiss goodbye in a cafe, jumps into his lap and starts to make out with him and grind on his lap in front of his co-workers as he struggles to stand up. He won't be so pushy next time. anyway. send me an answer.

  • At 11:29 AM , Blogger Sass said...

    Flattering or Stalker - not quite sure

  • At 8:29 PM , Blogger Irfan said...

    The chicken just won't have sex. I tried it 3 years ago and it still holds true.


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