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October 03, 2005

What the?

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This weekend was one for the books. There’s been a lot of drama.

Thursday evening I tossed my napkin on the chair and told my coworker,

“I’ve gotta get out of here. This stomach ulcer is killing me.”
“Damn, your leaving me alone? You’re going to miss the boring speeches”
“You’ll miss me. I know.”

I shouldn’t be drinking, with an ulcer and all. I know. It’s like a physician who smokes. But…

Two hours later I pointed to the side of the bar and pointed out a man I had shamefully flirted with while volunteering at the Astrodome.
Erin buckled and said, “It is. The Volunteer Nazi”

I found trouble hiding. Yup. Leave it to my friends to casually meet up for a drink and invite mayhem. My headache Friday morning thanks you very much. However, I did finally find out the Volunteer Nazi’s name. And. We’ll save that for later.

In the mean time, relationships are tough. I make them tougher. Your friends should look out for you. That’s why they are your friends. They should stop you from crossing a busy street type of thing. Sometimes, a friend thinks, in her heart of hearts she’s saving you from danger. From being run over by a MAC truck and.


Perhaps. She is

Like a persistent matador, I’m insistent on learning lessons for myself. Maybe her restraint will be wrong or maybe she’ll be right. Time will tell.

Oh and YEAH ASTROS – here we go again.


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