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May 16, 2005

It was only a kiss

Friday: Erin running down the street with new friend Mike singing 2Pac as his friend tells me how much money he makes. I wanted to flog him for his stupidity. It's horrible to be 32, attractive, a good conversationalist then to ruin it all by saying, "I make a lot of money"

Not enough to feed your friends. He ate the flower at Komodo's and popped a button on his retro shirt. Funny at first then questionable

Saturday: I rolled out of bed with a head pounding from the night before, unsure if the culprit was the Bullblasters or Whataburger. I phoned D-Love and told her I was on my way. Fabulous - get here as soon as you can.
Barely 11:00 am and they were drinking. Art cars are a anomaly. Strangely fascinating and funny to watch. A large crew had gathered for prefestivities bloody mary's and sangria, toxicly lethal kamikazes. To the parkway for the parade. Political conversations ensued, "Is he going to lower my fucking taxes?" embarrassed and horrified I ran to cover the 5 year olds ears. Baby Jesus can I deduct 2 minutes of my life?
20 versions of Elvis (pssssttt he's alive), ladies taking baths in tubs with wheels, roller girl, Steve stalked the Playboy Bunny car, Jen and I keeping each other vertical as he motioned for us to come in the car . .. . he had candy (I never learned the stranger and candy equation)

Back at the house to replenish:

His back was to the crowd and hers was to him. She looked at me as we gushed over the avocado dip. Smiling and laughing we noticed the pudgy man in the corner can juggle jello. He became aware of our lurking eyes and tossed us plastic containers. I barely caught mine, she laid her hand out as it swept past her fingertips heading for the floor. He was behind her and caught it. His laughter broke AT us as he handed her the jello and promptly went to get us some well needed water.

His eyes said it all and the way they touched, she never turned around, she knew he was there. Dating a year, yes the man should love the woman just a smidge more.

On to the pool 40 or so of us went. I am a hazard to myself - phi beta stupid moment as I dove in 4 feet of water. The scrape on my chin is horrific. I miss the skin, a drunken travesty I am slathering with Neosporin.

Sunday: Babe, it' 10:21 planes to catch and family to hug. Tierra's and boas for her birthday celebration for my niece. I had drunken baby syndrome. Happy Birthday - a year really does change everything.


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