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February 10, 2005

I gave up Starbucks (aka FourBucks) for Lent. Those that know me accomadate my fierce addiction to my Grande Non-fat Dry Latte. I was going to give up alcohol but since Jesus and the apostles drank wine, I decided against that. So I gave up my favorite non-alcoholic beverage, Starbucks Latte. There is something heavenly about the first sip of coffee. The fusion of the foam, cinnamon sprinkles, and over whelming aroma of the expresso make a single gal quite content. I have to admit that giving up Starbucks while being single is a risky endeavor. I could easily turn into a uber-bith. Day 3 and counting


  • At 6:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I find you so funny- I guess not too much changes after all these years, eh? You know about pop culture, you read articles, watch television, drink starbucks? All of this is so foregin to me even though I'm around these things I feel naive when I hear about them. I stepped out of the system in oh so many ways, some illegal, hell, I didn't even know who Paris Hilton was I thought it was a weight lifter.
    Funny how life takes a turn and we don't even realize it. Who ever thought you would be a corporate honcho livin it up with wild parties, fun vacations and not a concern in the world about creating the family and 2.3 kids. You're Catholic for God's sake! And me, I was gothic melodrama queen who was always two steps from suicide and now I'm in grad school, with a kid and lookin' to teach. Can't believe how much has changed and how internally we're still the same. I'm no longer suicidal just a little melodramatic when I get to shout "Cut" and be a drama queen for actors, husband and kid alike.
    -- Just a note, beutiful brash one, those dreams of changing the world, loving the unlovable and eventually bumming around Europe- they're still there. They still will happen because we never quit and hell, hopefully we'll have money when we're 50 and can stay in chateus instead of hostels.
    Keep being beautiful and know that someone out there from your past thinks of you often and sends sweet dreams across the southern skies.

  • At 7:27 PM , Blogger Elizabeth said...

    What about Tully's or other coffee joints - are those OK, just not FourBucks?? :-)


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