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February 09, 2005

Not me

Email from big Sister

"Reed was pretending to call people today. He said he was calling his
"Aunt J-bird" did he get you?

He calls his 4th toe, his Uncle Scott toe.

Freaky kid."

Today is Ash Wednesday, I will be going to Mass at Lunch to get annointed with ashes. Although I really feel as though my soul is going to turn to Ash. I have been planning a girls weekend to Las Vegas during March Madness. I just realized the weekend I am going is Easter Weekend. I feel as though one thousand baths in holy water will not cleanse my soul during the time that Christ has risen. Yes I do know there are churches in Vegas - however if I enter a church during that time it will most likely be while I am calling my parents telling them to log on to

What do I do?


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